Tri-Development Center of Aiken County, Inc.



People with disabilities are more like us than different. They should be seen as people who experience love and friendship and the continuity from their lives that comes from love and friendship.


Services and supports should be developed to enable people with disabilities in Aiken County to have their needs met through the provision of services in their local community.


People with disabilities are capable of learning and developing. Each person has the potential for making progress. Opportunities should be provided to assist them in developing skills necessary for participating as valued members of the community.


Consumers frequently require increased or specialized opportunities to learn new skills and continuing supports to assist them in increasing or maintaining their levels of independence.


Specific service objectives must be designed to meet the needs of each individual and will vary from person to person. It must be assumed that consumers have the potential for greater mental, physical, and social development, and more independent lifestyles.


Consistent with a developmental model, all service areas must aim to increase the complexity of the individualís behavior, and to increase the personís ability to control his environment. Additionally, all supports delivered should assist consumers in being included in the activities of their community.


People with disabilities should have the opportunity to advocate on their own behalf. This should include making choices about where to live, work and play.


People with disabilities have the right to dignity, respect, and privacy, and at the same time, protection from harm.


The role of the family is critical in the service delivery system. Parents and other family members, with the consent of the consumer, should be encouraged to assist consumers in the development of service/support plans on the basis of individualsí strengths, choices and needs. Family members should also be encouraged to participate in reviewing existing services and planning future services.


While Tri-Development Center is dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities, we are also committed to programs to prevent them whenever and wherever possible. All staff members should see themselves as community advocates for the prevention of disabilities.