Tri-Development Center of Aiken County, Inc.




To help people with disabilities discover and move toward desirable personal futures by assisting them through:

        Helping them set goals and envision positive futures

        Creating opportunities

        Protecting them from abuse and neglect

        Assisting them in their quest for the enjoyment of the best possible health

        Delivering a variety of supports

 To offer needed help in ways that protect and promote valued experiences now that include:

        Living free from abuse and neglect

        Growing in personal relationships

        Sharing ordinary community places and activities


        Making choices

        Being treated with respect and having a valued social role

To offer needed help in ways that support and strengthen community competence to include:

        Supporting family and friends who care

        Strengthening links to community networks

        Expanding membership in community associations

        Increasing the openness of the local economy

        Improving the effectiveness and inclusiveness of services and benefits available to all local citizens 

To assist our community in its understanding of how each of its members has a responsibility in the prevention of lifelong disabilities:

        Conducting educational programs on the causes of lifelong disabilities

        Supporting genetics clinics in our community

        Working with area businesses, educational institutions, local government, churches, etc., to decrease the incidence of lifelong disabilities

(Pictured above is Norman Spencer, an individual with a lifelong disability, who was dearly loved by many throughout the community. We were privileged to have been able to assist him over many years of his life.)