Tri-Development Center of Aiken County, Inc.



We believe in an effective Board that is knowledgeable, representative, sensitive, and advocates for meeting the special needs of those we serve.


We believe that families are important and should be supported at their level of need and empowered to provide for the needs of their family members with disabilities. We also value family involvement and evaluation of programs, services, and activities.


We value appropriate facilities and necessary equipment and materials to meet individualized and programmatic needs.


We believe that the quality of services is directly related to the quality, commitment, and satisfaction of staff. We value boards and administrations that support staff.


We believe in providing, coordinating, and advocating for quality, individualized services and supports to all people with disabilities and their families, both now and in the future.


We value optimal funding managed in a cost effective manner to provide for meeting the needs and preferences of consumers in our service delivery area in order to enhance and ensure their quality of life and self esteem.


We value communities that are knowledgeable, accepting, aware, and supportive of the people we serve.