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 A Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends:

Welcome to our website. It is intended to help you access information, supports, and services you need or simply want. We will also attempt to provide information which, not only tells you about Tri-Development Center, but also helps you locate other sources of support available to people with autism, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, similar physical disabilities, and intellectual and related disabilities. Another goal of our website is to provide fun for the individuals we serve. We will periodically post photographs so that those we serve and their families and caregivers can see the events in which they and their friends have participated. We hope that this can provide an enjoyable experience to readers and non-readers alike. Upcoming events that may be of interest will also be posted. Additionally, legislative and other issues related to the provision of disability services that may impact you or a friend or family member will be included.

A number of inspirational stories, poems, etc., have been included. It is our hope that some of these will serve as resources to groups and individuals working with children and adults to increase the acceptance of individual differences and people with disabilities.

If you have any questions related to the material provided, or if you desire further information, please contact me by e-mail at or by calling us as 803-642-8800. We also encourage you to provide feedback to help us further develop this site to better meet the needs of our fellow citizens with disabilities and their families. May each day bring you and your family members increased opportunities, happiness and good health.


Ralph E. Courtney

Executive Director