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 Please see a word from our Executive Director:

Recently, many citizens of all colors from our community, state, nation, and across the globe, have risen up in protest against the senseless deaths occurring among individuals who are black. I recognize and applaud a number of our staff members who have chosen to join in such protests. Feelings of dismay, hurt, and anger are certainly understandable – but not disbelief! If one has feelings of disbelief, that person needs to remove his head from the sand. Racism exists and we all need to recognize, unfortunately, that it does.

Recognizing the existence of racism and the violence that so frequently accompanies it, is not enough. We each must endeavor to do what we can to abolish it from our thoughts, words and actions, and those of our children, other relatives, neighbors, friends, businesses, educational and religious institutions, and community services. We need to work toward gaining an appreciation of our individual differences rather than sorting one another into stereotypical groups.

We at Tri-Development Center and the Aiken County Board of Disabilities, a major part of the support network for individuals with disabilities and special needs in our area, know the special challenges and discrimination faced by individuals with disabilities. We work every day to improve that world. But neither their world nor our world will be as good as it could be if we don’t combat the unfair discrimination and violence we see around us. Let’s commit to using our voices and actions to advocate for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all, regardless of sex, gender, religion, age, ethnicity, race, or disability.

Work to end racism and violence!

Ralph E. Courtney
Executive Director
Tri-Development Center of Aiken County, Inc. /Aiken County Board of Disabilities